A Seriously Strong Case For Installing Back-Of-Rack Nets

September 6, 2016

A Seriously Strong Case For Installing Back-Of-Rack Nets

When using forklift trucks and other warehouse vehicles to load racking with goods, it’s easy for goods to sometimes be pushed a little too far – resulting in a box or pallet falling off the back of the racking and onto the ground.

Apart from the obvious danger to pedestrians below, this can also be costly (because the product may be destroyed or damaged).

How can you avoid this? With back-of-rack netting.

The net itself is made from polypropylene mesh which is highly resistant to damage and due to its lightweight construction it does not place a significant load on your racking. In short: there’s no reason not to have it.

Our nets will hold loads of up to 1,000kg – bringing pallets safely to the ground in a controlled manner. We can also provide more bespoke solutions in cases where there’s a higher than normal risk of pallets falling.

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