Double Deep Pallet Racking

Higher Density of Storage

Using the same principles of adjustable steel beams and frames, double deep pallet racking is similar to standard or wide aisle pallet racking. Double deep pallet racking doubles each location’s capacity by storing the pallets two-deep.

Ideal for distribution, industrial or food and drink sector applications, it facilitates the use of the available space and assures a higher density of storage. Using double deep pallet racking reduces the number of aisles, enabling an increased amount of racking and thus increasing the storage facility’s efficiency.

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double deep pallet racking

Why Use Double Deep Pallet Racking?

Double deep pallet racking doesn’t permit access to all the stored pallets. However, this is more than compensated for by the fact it creates an efficient system of stock control, offering a distinct advantage in terms of extra storage space. Double deep pallet racking is best suited to a last in, first out storage system and is ideal for stock with a medium to long-term shelf life. It is not recommended for highly-perishable goods.

Using pallet handling equipment such as a forklift with a double deep handling attachment or a specialised forklift, this provides access to the pallets. The forklift most commonly used is a reach truck or an articulated forklift, which can operate in double deep, narrow aisles. A forklift with a hydraulic or telescopic attachment is ideal for double deep pallet racking – hydraulic pumps will move the forks in and out, allowing the operator to place stock in the second row.

This type of pallet handling equipment reduces the required aisle width and is a cost-effective handling solution that can also reduce possible stock damage when compared with manual fork extensions, offering clear visibility for the handler.

Other suitable handling equipment for includes pantographs/scissor mast trucks – for stacking double deep pallets and providing fast operating times. They can be used in reduced aisle widths, minimising possible pallet damage thanks to their smooth operation – used with counter-balance trucks for loading and unloading the freight trucks.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, the initial expenditure on double deep pallet racking is countered by the benefits of increased storage capacity and efficient operations.

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