Pallet Live Racking

Increase Storage Capacity

Pallet live racking can benefit your business due to a considerable increase in storage capacity. By using a “first in, first out” system, pallet live racking is suitable for environments in which stock dates must be taken into account. For those needing an extremely high level of storage density, pallet live storage also enables automatic stock rotation, requiring minimum use of forklift trucks. As a result, pallet live racking is a perfect storage solution for perishable goods and for many different industries and applications.

Pallet live racking

Why Use Pallet Live Racking

Pallet live racking operates by loading the pallets onto dedicated lanes of inclined, fixed gradient gravity rollers. When one load is removed, the next pallet automatically rolls into position on the picking face. Replenishment stock is loaded from the opposite, higher end of the lane. The pallets’ movement is controlled by speed controllers and brakes fitted within the roller tracks.

Also known as gravity flow racking, it provides an ideal solution for efficient product turnover, with no interference between the storage and extraction of the pallets. As a compact storage system, pallet live racking also maximises warehouse capacity and provides excellent stock control, while additionally saving pallet handling time. It is ideal for the storage of perishable goods which require high rotation and high-consumption goods where a continuous flow is needed.

Pallet live racking is an efficient process; products are located easily and minimal travelling distance reduces manoeuvring time. As the loading aisles are separate from the unloading aisles; forklifts can place and remove pallets without interruption, while eliminating clashing in the aisles. As a safe and reliable system, the design ensures dependable handling and a fast return on investment that requires little maintenance.

The system is versatile enough to be used in almost any industry or sector including automotive, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, to name a few.

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