Drive In Pallet Racking

Store Bulk Quantities

Drive in pallet racking has many advantages over other alternatives for specific applications. As one of the most space-efficient systems, drive in pallet racking is particularly effective for storing bulk quantities.

The storage area’s height of up to 11 metres offers a distinct advantage, as many drive-in pallets can be loaded in close proximity. By reducing lane and aisle space, drive in pallet racking creates a high-density storage solution that maximises floor space.

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drive in pallet racking

Why Use Drive In Pallet Racking?

Bulk Loads

With drive in pallet racking, the pallets are placed on runners and trucks enter the racking to retrieve or deposit the loads. Although drive in racking can restrict stock selection due to the first pallet in the lane having to be the last out, it remains an ideal option for environments where bulk batches are despatched and delivered.

Increased Storage Capacity

By creating a massive increase in a warehouse’s overall storage capacity, particularly for non-date sensitive goods, drive in pallet racking is an effective solution to increasing warehouse storage density. Drive in pallet racking provides the greatest storage capacity of any kind of pallet racking, with each pallet individually supported to prevent any damage to your stock.

FMCG Sector

If your warehouse handles bulk and seasonal goods in high demand, drive in pallet racking is ideal. As an effective storage solution for businesses who despatch in bulk, drive in pallet racking is particularly useful in the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) sector; such as household goods, consumer electronic items, toiletries and clothing, etc.

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