Multi-Tier Pallet Racking

Space Saving Solution

As a great space saving storage solution, multi-tier pallet racking assures many benefits such as an increased number of picking levels in your warehouse. Rather than using a traditional mezzanine floor solution, multi-tier pallet racking is an ideal arrangement for storing boxes, cartons and garments.

Why Use Multi-Tier Pallet Racking

Optimise Space

Installing multi-tier pallet racking creates several levels, with walkways that make it an easily accessible method of storing, depositing and collecting goods. One of the main benefits is that it effectively balances ease of access with making the best use of available space; to create a large capacity, clearly laid out storage area.

Maximise Functionality

Built from wooden, steel or mesh shelves, this provides plenty of options to increase the number of picking levels. Warehouse employees will benefit from an environment where the correct balance between operational efficiency and storage capacity has been achieved.

Flexible Storage

Multi-tier pallet racking can be configured according to clients’ requirements to accommodate a large range of products, using the full height of the storage solution. For areas where floor space is tight, this system offers advantages over other racking styles, particularly if there’s a good height range available.

Safe Access

Utilising every bit of space – even areas that normally couldn’t be used – multi-tier pallet racking effectively doubles the storage capacity of the floor area by building upwards. The aisles at various levels are safely accessed by stairs that create direct access to each load level – stairs and high aisles contribute towards making the most of the available space.

Warehouse Redesign

If your business is growing, multi-tier racking can be a cost-effective means of accommodating the growth – without warehouse expansion or relocation, which could impact on business productivity and incur further costs.

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