Pallet Racking Inspection

Rack Inspections

A racking inspection is a crucial part of health and safety in the workplace. They are carried out to ensure warehouse pallet racking is safe to use, highlighting any damages or problems with the racking. If left and not addressed properly these issues could lead to serious harm to your employees or cause damage to goods.

It is a national requirement to have a pallet racking inspection annually at the very least, depending on the size of your operation.

If you’ve noticed some of your racking is damaged, book in a racking inspection as soon as possible to minimise the risk of accidents at work. Request a quote.

We provide SEMA approved rack inspections that are conducted by independent racking inspectors, who carry out thorough checks of your warehouse. You then receive a comprehensive report, following the SEMA code of practice, racking damage will be labelled either RED, AMBER, or GREEN risk. The detailed repair work mentioned will help ensure your business continues to be compliant. Get in touch with Dalvie Systems today!

Racking Repairs

In addition to our rack inspections, we also offer nonmandatory pallet racking repairs designed to restore functionality and enhance the overall durability of your storage infrastructure. Whether it’s fixing damaged beams, reinforcing uprights, or addressing any other structural issues, we have the expertise to quote and handle it all.

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pallet racking inspection

What does a racking inspection involve? First of all, a detailed examination of the racking system will take place on site by a SEMA approved racking inspector. Any damage will be recorded by location using the SEMA traffic light system.

The racking inspection typically looks at:

  1. Beams, beam connectors, uprights, bracing members, locking pins, etc.
  2. Footplates, securing bolts, column guards.
  3. Condition of stored materials and pallets.
  4. Floor condition.
  5. Signage.
  6. Any other relevant factors relating to specific site conditions.

Once all of these areas have been inspected, a summary of damage by item will be compiled into a report and issued to you.

Also included in our racking inspection package:

  • Photographs where appropriate.
  • A review of current internal damage reporting and recording systems.
  • A review of the damage history with identification of repeat damage and recommended changes to be made (where possible).
  • Recommended changes to operating patterns or training if appropriate.
  • Issue of immediate ‘Red Risk’ notices during the inspection visit where a seriously damaged equipment is seen. This form of damage requires immediate action.


Benefits of Rack Inspections

Regular racking inspections are essential to ensure the safety, functionality, and longevity of your warehouse storage solution. Some of the key benefits of conducting racking inspections include:

Safety assurance:

Rack inspections identify and address potential safety hazards, such as damaged components, loose bolts, or overloading, to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Optimised performance:

By detecting and rectifying issues that may affect the performance and efficiency of your pallet racking system, such as misaligned beams or inadequate bracing, pallet racking inspections maximise storage capacity and workflow productivity.

Cost savings:

Prevent costly downtime, inventory loss, and structural damage by addressing minor issues early with routine rack inspections, reducing the risk of major repairs or replacements in the future.

Peace of mind:

Gain confidence and peace of mind knowing that your pallet racking system is regularly monitored and maintained. This helps to minimise the likelihood of unexpected failures or disruptions in operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often you have rack inspections depends on factors like the type of racking system, the intensity of usage, and regulatory requirements. It is generally recommended to conduct racking inspections at least once a year, with more frequent inspections for high-traffic areas or heavy-duty rack systems.
Neglecting rack inspections can lead to serious consequences, including workplace accidents, inventory damage or loss, regulatory non-compliance, and potential legal liabilities. Regular inspections help mitigate these risks and ensure the ongoing safety and reliability of your racking system, and your operations too.
Although basic visual inspections can be performed by warehouse staff, it is strongly recommended to hire a professional racking inspection service for thorough and comprehensive evaluations. The Dalvie Systems team perform racking inspections of the highest standard, efficiently identifying hidden defects and accurately assessing the structural integrity of your racks.
Rack inspections can uncover various issues such as damaged or bent beams, missing or loose bolts, overloading, improper load distribution, and inadequate bracing. By promptly addressing these issues, you can prevent accidents and structural failures in the warehouse.

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