Push Back Pallet Racking

Higher Storage Density

Push back pallet racking systems enable pallets to be stored up to four deep, providing a higher storage density than other racking systems. Using push back pallet racking enables you to double or even triple your storage space compared with standard pallet racking alternatives.

push back pallet racking

Why Use Push Back Pallet Racking?

The full length of the push back pallet racking system is utilised by loading the pallets, in sequence, onto wheeled carriers of different heights. The pallets are pushed back down an inclined steel guide channel. Selected on a “first in, first out” basis, when one load is retrieved, the other pallets automatically roll forward to the correct position on the picking face. Each product has a dedicated lane, making push back pallet racking ideal for bulk storage/handling and for marshalling areas.

As an example of the push back pallet racking system, a four-deep lane has three nested carts and the first pallet will be loaded on the top cart by a forklift truck. When the operator loads the second pallet, the first pallet can be pushed back so that the second can rest on the middle cart. The third pallet will push back the first two and will rest on the bottom cart. The final pallet is loaded by the operator by pushing back the first three and placing it on the pair of rails.

It follows that the sequence is reversed when the push back racking is unloaded. With the rails inclined towards the aisle, the operator removes the pallet resting on the rails with a forklift. As the operator backs out, the three remaining pallets follow to the front of the lane. Each pallet is removed in sequence until the lane is empty.

Push back pallet racking systems can be used in a range of industries and sectors such as food distribution, automotive, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and third party logistic facilities. In fact, just about any warehouse wishing to increase its storage capacity could be a potential candidate, as push back pallet racking systems are highly versatile and no special forklift is needed to load and remove pallets – they can even be used in coolers or freezers.

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