Pallet Racking Jargon Explained

April 5, 2018

Pallet Racking Jargon Explained

Refurbishing your warehouse and sourcing competitive pallet racking quotes can be daunting, especially when faced with complex jargon.

To give you an understanding of the technical terms you might come across, above is a labelled image which breaks down all of the parts and accessories for pallet racking systems. Below we’ve explained what these parts are called and what they do. You’re welcome.

1) Run Spacer
Used to maintain a fixed parallel safety clearance between double sided runs of racking.

2) Bolted Joining Unit
Connects frames vertically and ensures strength is fully maintained at the joints. Allows beams to be located around the joint.

3) Frame Footplates
Essential for stability and allows racking to be bolted to the floor.

4) Pallet Foot Support
Used in pairs across the beams to support box or caged pallets which have corner posts, skids or feet.

5) Fork Spacer
Used in pairs across the beams to provide fork entry spaces. Provides support for, and access to, non-palletised loads.

6) Drum Chock
Sits on the front beam and cradles one end of a drum or barrel to prevent them from rolling.

7) Coil Cradle
Spans beams to provide a place for coiled materials to sit with extra support.

8) Steel Shelf Panels
Panels span a pair of box beams to provide wide-bay steel shelving.

9) Steel Shelf Panels (2)
Panels span and sit with a pair of stepped beams and provide minimising shelf thickness.

10) Shelf Support
Fitted to stepped beams to provide additional support and greater loading capacity for chipboard shelving.

11) Shelf Support (2)
Fitted to box beams and provides support and greater load capacity for shelving.

12) Column Protector
Minimises the force of forklift truck impact to a racking upright. See previous blog post on Column Guards.

13) Upright Protectors
Protects the lower section of XL uprights against fork truck collision damage.

14) Rack End Protector
Provides protection to the ends of racking.

15) Racking Signs
Clearly display caution and loading/safety notices and information relating to racking usages. See previous blog post on labelling.

16) Guide Rails
Allows for the safe and accurate guidance of trucks operating within racking, particularly with drive-in or narrow aisle applications.

17) Sprinkler Systems
Sprinkler Systems can be supported within the pallet racking structure.

18) Frame Cladding
A frame which sits at the far ends of your pallet racking to add extra support to the structure. It also helps to prevent items from falling from the racking.

19) Safety Mesh Screens
Also known as Anti Collapse Mesh. Safety Mesh Screens are fitted for safety and for the security of palletised loads. These are often fitted where a walkway or working area is adjacent to the racking.

20) P&D Stations
Pick and Deposit (P&D) stations are used at the end of racks to assist in load handling between trucks.

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