Spring Clean Your Warehouse

June 21, 2022

Labelling and identification systems are essential for managing a warehouse effectively. Why? Because stock needs to be identified and put in its rightful place in order to maximise order picking and minimise costly errors.

Order pickers working in an environment where an ineffective system operates might end up wasting time trying to pick goods that are not in their place. This can lead to an increase in picking errors, which hurt every aspect of the business – warehouse staff have to re-process the order and re-despatch, taking up lots of precious time, and errors can lower customer retention.

At Dalvie Systems, we provide all kinds of location labels for racking, shelving, bins and more. The labels can be printed with alpha numeric codes, check digits, barcodes and colour level identification.

To find out more about labels and how best to spring clean your warehouse, email our office or call us on 01902 783784. Alternatively, explore our website to discover more of our services such as racking inspection and office fitout.

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