Give it a go: carton versi flow

May 17, 2022

Have you ever considered that your warehouse racking could benefit from a bolt-on product that improves the speed of your picking process?

Carton versi flow is an economical and versatile product which increases storage capacity while providing a more accessible and easy-to-manage way to pick cartons and totes.

The product provides instant carton flow with lift in/lift out versatility – a system that is ideal for fast-paced warehouse work.

carton versi flow

Benefits of this storage system include:

  • Picking performance increases by up to 65% compared to standard small parts shelving
  • Picking processes become ergonomically optimised
  • Stock management becomes easier
  • You can save on space by up to 35% compared to conventional small parts shelving
  • Return on investment within two years
  • Zero energy consumption

To find out more about carton versi flow, email our office or call us on 01902 783784. Alternatively, explore our website to discover more of our pallet racking options, including double deep pallet racking, pallet live racking, and push back pallet racking.

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