When was your last racking inspection?

May 16, 2022

Rack inspections are a crucial part of health and safety in the workplace. They are carried out to ensure warehouse pallet racking is safe to use, highlighting any damages or problems with the racking which could – if not addressed properly – harm your employees or cause damage to goods. 

You should be having an inspection of racking annually at the very least, depending on the size of your operation. If you’ve noticed some of your racking is damaged, book in an inspection as soon as possible to minimise the risk of accidents at work.


What does an inspection involve?

First of all, a detailed examination of the racking system will take place and any damage will be recorded by location using the SEMA traffic light system.

The inspection typically looks at:

  1. Beams, beam connectors, uprights, bracing members, locking pins, etc.
  2. Footplates, securing bolts, column guards.
  3. Condition of stored materials and pallets.
  4. Floor condition.
  5. Signage.
  6. Any other relevant factors relating to specific site conditions.

Once all of these areas have been inspected, a summary of damage by item will be compiled into a report and issued to you.

Also included in our racking inspection package:

  • Photographs where appropriate
  • A review of current internal damage reporting and recording systems
  • A review of the damage history with identification of repeat damage and recommended changes to be made (where possible)
  • Recommended changes to operating patterns or training if appropriate
  • Issue of immediate ‘Red Risk’ notices during the inspection visit where a seriously damaged equipment is seen. This form of damage requires immediate action
  • Why choose Dalvie for your inspection?
  • All of our inspectors are fully independent and SARI approved
  • We will walk you through the whole process and guide you if any remedial works are needed
  • Our prices are very competitive

To find out more about our pallet racking inspection services, email our office or call us on 01902 783784. Alternatively, explore our website to see what else we can do for your business.

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